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3000 EUR

The Pink Tigresse





70 x 100 cm
27.56 x 39 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Oil pastels on paper.

1987 Caracas, Venezuela

The artist was born in Caracas in 1987. He grew up between Pescara and Milan. For the last seven years Casagrande has lived and worked in Los Angeles. The hiatus from ordinary life that the world experienced in 2020 prompted Casagrande to start experimenting again with oil pastels. Hazy sceneries of surreal domesticity become the vivid backgrounds for a series of fictional nude portraits of the artist’s lockdown muses. Vibrant frames that capture and translate into the vocabulary of contemporary art the intimate tie between lust and boredom in the context of domesticity. This body of work stems its roots from the hidden symbologies of Lilac: a flower with an intoxicating scent, a reminder of old love for few and a token of new hope for many, it is the base for most chromatic combinations when using oil pastels. The versatile nature of this pigment encompasses a delicate metaphor about the relationship between desire and action, gesture and canvas.  

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Milano, Corso Sempione, 33

GALERA SAN SODA is a new contemporary art gallery based in Milan, Italy. Its core exhibition space consists of three large windows opening onto the salmon pink and blue tile foyer of Palazzo INA, designed in 1957 by the visionary rationalist architect Piero Bottoni at the height of the Italian postwar economic boom. The gallery takes its name from the Ital...

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La cantatrice


65 x 73 cm



73 x 92 x 2.5 cm

12000,00 €

Marilyn - Pink


64.8 x 64.8 cm

145,77 €

Claire and the dog


70 x 100 cm