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Memoria Apocalíptica II


Single piece Signed


220 x 220 cm
87 x 86.61 in







Work composed of 11 fragments. It reflects the rupture   of human lives, provoked by the terrorist attack of of 11M of 2004 in Madrid.

Oil on canvas

1959 , Argentina

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1959. He died in Madrid in 2010.
The inclination to painting appears early in Osado, at the age of 6, her main activity was drawing and painting (1965).
At the age of 14 she studied the great masters of painting, admired Dutch painting and in particular she was attracted by Caravaggio's painting and Dürer's drawing.
In 1971 she made a copy of Caravaggio's painting, "Saint Paul the Hermit".
At the age of 16, she received the first prize in the "Jóvenes Valores" contest, awarded by the painter Pérez Celis (1973).
The sensitivity of this painter towards everything that surrounded her, led her to investigate permanently about existence, religion, the human being and his role in the world, taking the values of ethics throughout the history of mankind.
She studied Dürer's perspective and made complex compositions (1973), her paintings are related to the study of space and composition.

Alejandra Osado's work goes into the magical realism, promoted by the French art critic Pierre Restany.
Some works of that period are, "Real - virtual", "Virtual Realism", "Time and space" ... (1980).
In 1980, when he was 23 years old, the art critic Rafael Squirru and the master Hector Giuffré visited his studio and gave him great recognition for his work.
The political, economic and social situation of the country with the Argentine military dictatorship, affects the painter, to such an extent that she develops an extensive work on the events of the country, the crimes of the military dictatorship, the social situation, the Malvinas war and also the conflicts in South America.
Some of the works from that period are, the series "La tierra que me vio nacer", "Tiempo de la Calamidad I", "Tiempo de la Calamidad II", "El Camposanto de las Conciencias", "Sin identidad", "Réquiem", "La muerte del amor", "La serie de los grises" ....
His work was silent during the period of the military dictatorship and his works were not accepted by galleries, museums and official centers.
In the 90's, Osado works painting the series "Nadie escucha, Nadie ve", "El perpetuo exterminio", "El poder del miedo"," El mensaje", "Sin límite", "Vientos de futuro"," Esclavitud disfrazada"," Tierra arrasada"," El abismo de los sueños"," El grito silencioso"," El final de la vida" ....
Psycho-philosophical conception:
Creator of "Virtual Realism", this is how Osado defines her work.
It is the prelude to what would later become "Cyberspace", where virtual images create an artificial world.
An approach of complex compositions, where space and perspective play considerably in a magical way in each work painted by the artist, and interprets through virtual realism, a psycho-philosophical language of the historical events of her time.

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Madrid, C/ Martin de los Heros 74 – B

Galería Áurea was founded in January 2005 in Madrid by the painter Humanista Rodríguez Osado and Daniel Vázquez Redemi. Vázquez Redemi is currently the Director of the gallery. Galería Áurea specialises in Ibero-American, Contemporary and Emerging Art. The profile of GALERÍA ÁUREA is based mainly on the historical relationship of Ibero-American a...

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