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Love Glue


Signed Titled


40 x 40 cm
15.75 x 16 in







Silkscreen artwork on rigid cardboard by Aleandro Roncarà. This artist's works transport us to Mondorondo, a fantasy universe that is joyful and devoid of violence. Here Roncarà depicts one of the imaginative characters that populate his ideal world.

The pronounced black stroke that characterizes his compositions delineates the various depths of the composition between the various frames and settings.

The work is signed at lower left and numbered 67/150 at lower right.

, Italy

Aleandro Roncarà was born in Orbetello in 1967.

But this is only the last part of the story. First there is a family of restaurateurs from Orbetello, professional basketball, a graphic studio, a whole life in Montecatini ... the aforementioned restaurant that becomes his "private gallery".

The passion for drawing never leaves him: on diaries, walls, hospital plaster casts and billions of sheets. Finally the paintings with his characters, with his world inside, all inside their world. Mondorondo, in fact.

Where Centòmini, Mister Phil, Dixie, Rebblu, Squalogatto move, an imaginative world devoid of violence.

This extravagantly mythological land was born from the songs of the seventies, on the notes of Loi and Altomare, Drupi, Rino Gaetano; it feeds on the exploits of legendary figures, those who flavor the stories and nights of all the cities, all the bars, all the companies.

The characters that animate Mondorondo (the pleasant planet without a vocabulary!) Live, breathe, are immersed, they are themselves pure color, direct, iconic, simple in the way of entertaining and cheering up.

Roncarà outlines his figures with marked black outlines.

The figures and all the elements of this fantastic world derive from dreams and ideas, from the refrains of songs sung at dawn, after spending the wee hours at the bar downstairs.

For some years he has met the world of sculpture by transporting those funny characters out of Mondorondo to bring joy to the homes of six of his collectors.

He collaborates with important fashion, accessories, design and furniture companies.

He draws, bakes cakes and paints in his one and only true "eternal" city Montecatini Terme.


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