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Good Saturday


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94 x 99.1 cm
37.01 x 39 in




Video & Installation , Design



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Cotton, jean, silk, image transfer.

Keen with identity, Good Saturday presents a moment of leisure. This vibrant division of color bridges parts creating inclusion. I represent my vulnerability with family photos symbolizing a decaying memory as these young guys grow up. Neighborhoods and local businesses have a history before gentrification erases what once was there into a congested city. Five guys still find time to take a dip in the pool before their proximity changes with each season.

, United States

Aleah Washington is a member of the Black Student Union - BSU and as of 2021 a senior at the Kansas City Artist Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fibers (anticipated: 2022). Social aspects appear in her work through images in a quilt format. Understanding the importance of mindset fuels the exploration of identity, generational interruptions within our communities, and how the present mirrors the affects of history. Washington’s art practice is playful about what type of energy and details are combined.

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Kansas City, 2011 Baltimore Ave