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1600 EUR

Turbante (red)




80 x 60 cm
31.50 x 24 in







Medium: Carborundum, xylography. This artwork is part of a series called "Turbanti", which consists of 5 graphic works realized in 1990. Studio Fornaresio has acquired the entire print run. Printing has been made at Albissola Marina and plates have been realized by Aldo Mondino, who personally made the printing as well. The print run is of only 25 samples and this is the last series available.

1938 Turin, Italy

Aldo Mondino (Turin, 4 October 1938 – Turin, 10 March 2005) was an Italian sculptor and painter. Mondino was an artist characterized by an ironic approach to art. For his works he used many different kinds of materials, including caramel and chocolate, to a more traditional oil painting (but on plastic sheets). He is known for mosaics realized using chocolate, seeds, coffee, legumes and many other different materials.

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Turin, Via Le Chiuse 1

THE SEVENTIES In 1975, Gianni Fornaresio moved to Venice to continue his studies, where he met and got to know a group of young artists. Twenty young people, full of hope for the future, who during the summer months they used to sell their art works to tourists and in winter had to figure out how to "survive". After a while, Gianni Fornaresio joined the "A...

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