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Presenza Assenza 2




40 x 215 x 40 cm
15.75 x 85 x 15.75 in








1965 , Italy

Born in 1965 in Vittorio Veneto. He grew, studied and learned in the family workshop and he graduated in 1985 as an expert mechanical.
He is a selfthaught artist who takes possession of the secrets inherent in material, adopting the abstract reasons of plastic construction. All this does not lose track of the essential figurative allusions, often related to a feature and metaphorical symbological.
He is a peculiar italian sculpture always aware of the cultural realities present in his territory. In 1986-87 he attended several courses in ceramics. Under the guidance of different teachers he learns and refines his desire to shape and create. He works the clay, plaster, bronze and concrete, but his favourite material is iron for its strenght and hardness, with which he models figure works in which the study of volumes and the dynamism of forms emerge. Differently than the figurative roots, in the recent years, it has become the means of "abstractions" that highlights its original power, with a definite renewal of language. His roots started from the classical art and developed into a more abstract way of thinking art. Alberto Pasqual took part in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad, especially in Pordenone, Perugia, Salzburg, Vienna, Rome, Padua and Venice, also setting up several personal exhibitions in Veneto area.
In 2006, together with architects Michele Biz and Alessandro Broggio, he won the first prize in the national competition “A monument to Marco Pantani” , with implementation of the same on the Mortirolo climb, In Sondrio.
In 2015 he realized the bas-relief in loving memory of Italian writer Pier Paolo Pasolini.
In 2019 he realized the monument for the State Police located in Cusano di Zoppola.
Alberto is based in Sacile (Friuli Venezia Giulia) where he lives and works.
The artist has performed in Italy, Austria, Germany, Russia, France, Hungary, Slovakia e United State.

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Sculpture 30 x 20 x 15cm

3250,00 €


Sculpture 35 x 15 x 9cm

3250,00 €


Sculpture 26 x 40 x 40cm

3900,00 €


Sculpture 29 x 28 x 11cm

3380,00 €


Sculpture 33 x 120 x 7cm

6500,00 €


Rimini, Corso D'Augusto n.217

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