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1200 EUR

Downtown Manhattan





36 x 24 cm
14.17 x 9 in






Photography , Prints

Archival Pigment Print. Edition of 5

1992 Napoli, Italy

Alberto Granata was born in Naples in 1965 and graduated in photography at the IED in Rome in 1992. He immediately won, as best photographer, the prize of the Savignano sul Rubicone Festival, which was given to him by Lanfranco Colombo, and subsequently exhibited at the Gallery The Diaphragm of Milan, at the time the most prestigious private space for photography. He then exhibited at the Galleria degli Artisti in Rome and at the IED in Rome, but soon decided to break away from the environment of the galleries, which he found little suited to his nature. From that moment on, he devoted himself above all to photojournalism, producing, among other things, for UNICEF Italy, reports on the condition of children in Africa; for Doctors Without Borders works on AIDS in India and Africa, and collaborating with ANLAIDS Italy. In recent years Alberto Granata has continued to devote himself to art photography by organizing exhibitions in small spaces and cultural centers in Italy and in New York, where he lives for part of the year, and at the same time creating an archive of works of conspicuous size and considerable aesthetic value. . His decidedly original style is based on an abstract and reinvented vision, constantly permeated with a singular neorealist atmosphere, of the visible world. Alberto Granata exhibited at Gallery 70 in 2017 with the solo exhibition "The Illusionist", in the collective De Abstractione (2017) and at MIA Photo Fair 2019.

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Milano, Via Pietro Calvi 2

Declaredly anti-conceptual, Gallery 70 has been in Milan since 1993, a continuation of the one founded in 1969 in Potenza, and is directed by Eugenio Bitetti. In the first period, it dealt with the Cobra Group and painters who, due to the chromatic strength of their works, could be compared to the line of this movement, to then broaden its sphere to the disc...

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