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Three buildings



63 x 47 cm
24.80 x 19 in







Medium: mixed media on canvas

1947 , Belgium

Belgian painter and graphic artist Albert Pepermans (∞1947 )is known for a visual and colorful series of work. Only using ink, paint and paper he managed to create an own style that refers to the Pop art and Dada tradition. With a no-nonsense attitude and persistent hard labor, over the years Pepermans maintained a constant art production. Most of his work is part of a certain series, defined by technique or theme. They all perform a recurring mixture of concrete figures and abstract settings and shapes. The visual appearance of Pepermansí work is impulsive, comical and reflects the on-going energy of the artist. His paintings gradually reached a wider audience. Pepermans' work was exhibited in galleries and venue from New York, to Berlin, Zurich and Paris. A collaboration with Flemish author Hugo Claus in the early 90 resulted in three projects and several exhibitions mixing Pepermans paintings and sketches with Claus' poetry. As Pepermans calls himself a graphic artist with paint and paper, his work is recognizable but executes a wide variety of techniques,materials and styles. It conveys a clear-cut and appealing message, however, Pepermansí paintings are striking and will get you excited. They are strong, startling, and sometimes funny impressions of an elusive world. Contrasting patterns and teasing figures will catch the eye and take you into another universe,both joyful and considerate. Pepermans wayward mind-set reaches both a bright and serious level.

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Antwerp, Mechelsesteenweg 120

The Artelli Gallery is one of the most recent contemporary galleries in Antwerp, located in the up-and-coming artistic neighbourhood of Mechelsesteenweg. The gallery opts both for established artists and for young talent from all over the world. You can savour photographic work, sculptures, contemporary paintings & graphic work. Never common. Often surprisin...

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Owl II


80 x 60 x 4 cm

900,00 €

Follow the light VIII


30 x 30 cm