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Dated Titled


30 x 30 cm
11.81 x 12 in




Photography , Prints



Fine art print on paper

1973 , Korea, Republic of

I was born in Seoul, Kores South. 1973.

Started meditating when 17 years old in the first year of high school.

Through self-exploration of the essence of the consciousness called [I], the essence of meditation, I have gained insight from the age of 17 to the present day I'm 50.

It was an insight that all the big aged who came to Earth had walked the same path.

Started in 2016 as a painting artist.

Beginning as an Artburt Artist.

Albert Park had no professional conversation training. 
It completes the canvas in a moment with the power of meditation that started only at the age of 17.

The source of inspiration for artists is the essence of consciousness  
Albert Park's paintings begin and complete at the source of light, the starting point of the soul, because they all come from the soul.

From 2016 to 2022, Albert Park's paintings have worked more than 5,000 paintings.

The genre of art that Albert Park expresses is 
it begins and completes from the essence of the consciousness that numerous artists who have visited the Earth have tried to express and complete.

When Albert Park paints, he paints on the same level as the process of meditation.

Pablo Picasso, how can you fill a painting with so many canvases in a moment? To the art critic who asked the question 

I don't think about anything like when I go into a mosque to pray 
I stand in front of the canvas as if I were dedicated. 
I don't know what I do while I'm drawing. 
I get out of my body while I'm painting and only pure force completes the painting - Pablo Picasso.

So is Albert Park's art.

Like all great artists  
Starting at the age of 17, the essence of consciousness... [The essence of consciousness]
with a sense of innocence that originated from three sisters, called me, 
And if you let go of the subject, the painting is done on its own.

Albert Park's work. The world is the world of all mankind 
With the restoration of pure consciousness, it consists of paintings that connect all mankind with the utopia that everyone on Earth wants with pan-human love.

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