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Weißes Blatt OS 21-14


Dated Titled


16 x 24 cm
6.30 x 9 in






Drawings & Works on Paper


1971 , Germany

Aja von Loeper is a German artist born in 1971 in Leonberg-Warmbronne in the Black Forest along the homonym river. After graduating in physiotherapy, Aja von Loeper started her artistic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, the city where she is now living. Aja von Loeper works with white sheets of paper combining them sometimes with other media, such us plates and videos. Since the beginning of the 2000s the artist has committed herself to three series of artwork: Schwarzweiß, Weiß and Farbe I. To them the artist adds Farbe II, a collection of photographies that she realises of her artworks. The main protagonist in Aja von Loeper’s work is paper: different dimensions sheets, sometimes even huge as for the 320x120cm. formats, where the artist acts using a wooden style. She modulates the sign and alternates delicate movements to powerful engravings, without piercing not even hurting the surface. The following of this kind of gestures creates the swallowing of the paper surface that moves and changes in so creating the alternation of empty light and delicate spaces in the opposite part of the paper. Consequently, the smooth candide surfaces of her sheets enrich in dynamism while the paper acquires volume. The main and central swelling of the paper could be assimilated to a fragile sculpture. In Schwarzweiß paper presents a number of dark shades, coming from the combination of graphite with the paper surface. Weiß, on the contrary, is made of candide clean works among which we remember the installation set in 2012 in Ellingen, where the light sheets of paper (in XXL format) fluctuate around the expository space. The series Farbe I is made of small format works realised from 2001 to 2009 and characterised by clear delicate shades of tints. Aja von Loeper works deeply in contact with the natural environment and with the wild natural landscapes around Nuremberg. Here, the artist carefully observes the birches barks of the Nuremberg woods, in order to find her personal artistic inspiration. Among her recent expositions is to notice her collaboration with the Kreis Gallery (Nuremberg), the first gallery to organise a solo show with her in 2000, and with the Maurer Gallery in 2015, by which she exposes during the Art Karlsruhe Fair. The year 2014 as well is an important step in Aja von Loeper’s artistic career as she participates to a number of international expositions: firstly in Spain (in Barcelona, at the Galleria Art Nou Mil.lenni); secondly in Russia (Saint Petersburg) for a solo show at the Dmitriy Semenov Gallery; finally in Hungary (Budapest) where she exposes with Theca Gallery in the collective show called, The oldest ones among us are thirty years old (1961-1991). Aja von Loeper’s collaboration with Theca Gallery carries on in 2015 in Milan with the collective show The Void, the first solo show of the German artist in Italy. The show, curated by Angela Madesani, places Aja von Loeper next to Elisabeth Scherffig, Elena Modorati and Christiane Beer.

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Berlin, Carmerstraße 10 I am Savignyplatz

Wichtendahl Galerie presents different positions of contemporary art, mainly painting, photo and sculpture. The majority of the artists works with paper. The gallery was founded in Berlin-Mitte in 2005 and is now located in Carmerstraße 10 at the Savignyplatz in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The gallery is a member in the associations of galleries Bundesverband ...

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