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Light Lilac Series #1 Discover the best available selection of paintings by the artist "Ahsin Ahsin. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
975 EUR

Light Lilac Series #1


Single piece Signed Titled



50.7 x 60.5 cm
19.96 x 24 in







Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

2 , Cook Islands

Ahsin Ahsin is a Cook Island-born artist currently living in Hamilton, who made a name for himself through exhibitions in Melbourne, Tauranga Art Gallery and Tautai centre for Pacific Art (Auckland). After graduating at WINTEC, the artist refined his style and crafted his aesthetic trademark(s), mostly immortalized as murals throughout New Zealand. His works reveal a nostalgic and at times dreamlike engagement with popular entertainment and technology of previous decades. Visually Ahsin incorporates early internet imagery, late 1990s web graphics, street art, reptiles, glitch, 3D rendered objects, unnatural hues, sci-fi and cartoons.

Starting from his love of 80-90's of sci-fi movies and anime, Ahsin takes spectators to the deep unfolding grounds of our collective imagination, where extra- terrestrial creatures exist by means of graffiti gestures.

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Herent, Brusselsesteenweg 168

Founded in 2020 by Arthur Buerms and long-time partner Gie, The Nomadic Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery and public art and research project currently based in Leuven, Belgium. Building on a cyclical model rooted in the notion of nomadism, the initiative unfolds through two alternating phases. The first is an in-situ immersion within an underreprese...

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