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540 EUR



Single piece Signed



30 x 40 x 3 cm
11.81 x 16 x 1.18 in







Acrylic on canvas

Hand signed by artist

COA included

, Italy

I am very close to the sculpture, even in painting you can see my sculptural approach to the painting, many times in fact I intervene on the surface with applications of paper or synthetic materials, creating a three-dimensional plane. The material I mostly use is paper, I am very comfortable with it, it is very workable and versatile, it can be used as a support like a canvas, or"plasticized" like clay for the creation of reliefs and sculptures. I do not give titles to the works or many explanations, leaving the observer free mental space for analysis, I like to think that my work is a sort of mirror useful precisely for self-analysis. Generally
the range of colors is limited and I always mix a little black with the other colors making them warmer, less aggressive in the shades, this to help those who participate to enter in the work. For me the technique is very important, the colors and materials I'm using are alive and full of meaning, the method with which I conceive the works is a calculation that of course I cannot fully grasp; this phase is part of the process, I call it "calculated instinct" in fact I never have full control of what I am elaborating, this is wanted in order not to go to the detriment of instinct trying to control all the phases of the work. The result is a timeless archaic
work in which I try to connect the past to the future in a delicate balance of images, colors and materials

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BARCELONA, c/ Valencia 210

Founded in 2019, Casa Estudio Granados is a contemporary art space in the modernist heart of Barcelona. It operates online and through physical exhibitions. Their mission is to offer a new approach to discovering and buying contemporary art, one that aims to be transparent and accessible. Casa Estudio Granados supports artists at all stages of their caree...

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