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Untitled Mask





24 x 28 cm
9.45 x 11 in







A signed screen print, on 410 gsm Lascaux Carbon Blank Radiant White paper.

Limited edition of 50.

Published in 2020.

Signed and numbered in pencil by Adam Pendleton


*This limited edition print is presented in a portfolio case alongside a hardcover edition of Phaidon's Adam Pendleton monograph.

Notes: Untitled (mask), 2020 represents one part of a four-part work by Pendleton named Untitled (masks), 2019. For this series of Mylar works, Pendleton creates collages from material found in books and from his own writings and drawings, silk-screening them onto sheets of transparent film. Untitled (mask) features a photocopied image of a mask from the Dan people of Liberia. Translated onto a clear substrate and layered with repetitive markings, the mask, several times removed from its source, hovers between transparency and opacity.

1984 Richmond, Virginia, United States

Adam Pendleton, born 1984 in Richmond, Virginia, is a conceptual artist whose practice encompasses a variety of media including painting, photography, collage, publishing, video, and performance. Pendleton's works are focused on an engagement with language and the ability to re-contextualise history through the use of appropriated imagery.

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London, 4 Cromwell Place

Baldwin Projects is a London based contemporary art gallery specialising in era-defining Post-War and Contemporary art. We specialise in works by leading British and American artists who rose to prominence during the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, and a selection of Contemporary artists from the 21st century. We are located in London (UK) and maintain a stron...

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