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Fuegos #035



130 x 97 cm
51.18 x 38 in







Oil on canvas

1992 , France

"Very quickly I had a feeling of being idle. A feeling that has expressed itself in so many ways. As a student, I wanted to deconstruct the whole notion of work. Even stop making art. Then, I returned to painting by discovering better my Mexican roots and the culture of this country.
I was starting to shy away from the idea of ​​front or rear. And I thought about how best to spend this brief time that I had ahead of me. I wanted to do simple things, somewhere at the heart of life, and not something that puts itself above others.
I wanted a practice without financial constraints, without space constraints, without impact on the environment, which would not bother anyone. I wanted to fill my idle hours with gentle manual action, letting both hand and mind wander. I wanted a simple and timeless subject. A subject which admits both my enthusiasm for the perpetual movement of things, but which also reveals our powerlessness in the face of the mysteries of the world and all these possibilities.
I wanted my mother and an art critic to be able to understand my painting, without expecting anything in return.
So it was heaven. This egalitarian thing that we can all contemplate while raising our heads, this thing constantly in motion, absorbing the dreams of all eras, but undergoing the hysteria of our own, seems to me, like so many others before me, an ideal to paint. Like everyone else, in the end, I paint matter, light and time. It is perhaps no longer a question of painting the new, but of painting, especially today, what can never be said enough: the strangeness"

Adam Bogey / herman de vries interview excerpt
by Sandra Barré
artpress revue, October 2020

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