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192.63741805345 EUR

Untitled VI


Single piece



14.73 x 21.08 cm
5.80 x 8 in




Drawings & Works on Paper



Watercolor on paper

, India


Abin's work is based on the incidents and experiences in his life, rethinking and reinvestigating them in a contemporary context.

The central aspect of Abin's practice is breaking social stereotypes and aesthetics as a response to conflict, violence, political gaze, and perception of the stereotypes outside. The artist works in various mediums like paper, steel, wood, iron, and fabric.

Abin completed his MFA in Sculpture from  S.N School of Arts and Communication University of Hyderabad in 2019 after completing his BFA from College of Fine Arts, Thiruvananthapuram in 2017. 

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Haryana, 227, South Point Mall

Driven by the need to empower young emerging artists, creating their future while deepening the art market at the same time, Art Incept believed in their ability to create great value by bringing diverse minds together, collaborating and creating a new energy and ecosystem for tomorrow – one that included artists, collectors, patrons, architects and the ga...

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Let’s Go IV


25 x 42 x 7.5 cm

2003,66 €

Splash It Tomato White


40 x 10 x 30 cm