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Cloud Parade


Single piece Signed



152.4 x 76.2 cm
60.00 x 30 in







Mixed media on canvas

, Canada

Tiffany Blaise is a contemporary visual artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Known for her dreamy landscapes, the intention behind her paintings remains a constant yearning to portray “the world of the mind”; “I want to portray the connection between our inner nature and the landscape that surrounds us.” 

A young artist, Tiffany’s potential is prominent and marked by her early achievements. Graduating from Concordia University in Montreal with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in product and graphic design, she won the Surface 3 Award for emerging talent in 2012. It has only been a decade that Tiffany has pursued her artistic career, yet she has already traversed continents in her expansion of the field. Tiffany sources inspiration for her art from her travels through B.C. and beyond. Between 2018 and 2019, Tiffany had pursued an artistic residency in Melbourne, Australia before settling back in her hometown of Vancouver. Her gestural landscapes and seascapes had attracted the attention of many, resulting in her being commissioned to paint two large works of art on site in a private Vancouver office. 

When not in her studio, Tiffany encourages the spread of creativity in all aspects of life. An active agent throughout the local Vancouver communities, Tiffany actively engages in fostering artistic interest among the people. Her cultural activism has been met with success and approval as she has been the recipient for numerous grants to see her visions come to fruition. Tiffany’s works have been shown in group and solo exhibitions throughout Canada and Melbourne.

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Spirits of the Sky

Paintings 60.96 x 60.96cm

622,09 €


Paintings 71.12 x 55.88cm

655,33 €


Vancouver, 1536 Venables St

Art Works is a multi-faceted art gallery based in Vancouver, Canada. Passionate about assisting art lovers as well as servicing the corporate, interior design, architecture, and film industries, Art Works specializes in Canadian Art and represents some of British Columbia’s most dynamic artists, in addition to artists from across North America....

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