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Fico Varnea





20 x 20 cm
8 x 7.87 in







Photographic print

Digital Photography

Edition 1 of 9

Frame included (30 x 30 cm)

1997 , Italy

Laura Petra Simone, born in 1997.

Laura Petra Simone was born in Grottaglie on March 2, 1997. In 2016 she obtained the old system diploma in violin at the "Giovanni Paisiello" Conservatory in Taranto, an education that influences the current images represented in her work. Among her major interests, cinema and literature stand out, from which she draws ideas and inspirations while maintaining a common thread with current events.


“I started experimenting with the use of self-portraits through a Huawei P8 Lite, at home, during the pandemic caused by Covid 19. The purpose of my photographs is to represent an image of the 'I' that we seek so much , often changing and conforming to the historical period in which we live, through the use of household objects, and how sometimes the very use of objects can take on forms of its own identity, unhinging itself from what we commonly define as 'utility'. The choice of the covered face and of the body parts represented is not accidental, I preferred to give voice to the interiority immortalizing the belly and chest in a multifaceted and subjective way, so that everyone can give the facial expressions the definition that best reflects it, deforming and expanding, once again, the concept that everyone retains of their own 'I' ”.

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Milan, Via Leto Pomponio, 6

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