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2391.4291180409 EUR



Single piece Signed



140 x 100 cm
55.12 x 39 in







Oil on Canvas

Hand-signed by artist

Certificate of authenticity Included (issued by gallery)

1973 , Chile

Memories of growing up in the Quilpue countryside in Chile have served as a source of inspiration for Giancarlo Bertini’s geometric landscape paintings, which feature patchworks of color much like the square patches of land that used to surround him. His native region, once full of small farms and fields, has since become predominantly industrial, and his compositions meditate on the contrast between a peaceful rural existence and urban isolation. Layered and complex, they reflect the fading nature of human memory and physical environments, while the tiny figures populating his landscapes comment on mankind’s infinitesimal size in relation to the natural and manmade environments. Bertini was also influenced by Aztec ruins during his stay in Mexico City in the 1990s.

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Walddorfhäslach, Gustav Werner Strasse 27

We live art! We feature contemporary, international and sometimes unknown artwork, with a focus on great latin artists. In our gallery you can find artwork from established artists but also jewels from emerging or yet unknown artists. Another fantastic feature of our gallery is that you can connect with the artists on a personal level. We offer detailed i...

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