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Zoi Gerouki

Thessaloniki, Greece

8 Works exhibited

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Thessaloniki, Greece

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Being already after many years of experience a superior handler of materials such as tempera and watercolor, Zoi Gerouki finds love and creativeness in painting her works in full realism.

Her series "Bridges and Lighthouses of Greece" promote the beauties of the huge variety in old stonemade bridges and lighthouses of Greece. Bridges and Lighthouses have many things in common. They both show the way to the traveller, they connect worlds and places, they give hope and guidance. 

Almost all of her works in this series are of big sizes for tempera and/or watercolor which makes it even more time consuming and difficult to execute.

She is born in Thessaloniki in 1951. The artistic surrounding in which she grew up thanks to her mother, an experienced painter, was yet another motive for her need to contribute a piece of herself in art. She was one of the founding members of the Association of Artists of Visual Arts in Kozani, Greece in 1965-66, taking part in all the events and exhibitions of its members. She had her superior studies at the Swiss Institute of Weder, in the Department of architecture for interiors and exteriors designers. She studied journalism in the E.K.E.S College and worked in the media for 19 years with many interesting missions in the European Union which were although not capable to drive her away from her great love, painting. She is also a member of the Association of professional Painters of Northern Greece and she continues her artistic activity promoting her romantic and realistic perspectives in painting. Her works are in many public buildings of Thessaloniki and in private collections.

Works by Zoi Gerouki

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