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Zoé Avot

1998 Ivry-sur-Seine, Paris, France

6 Works exhibited

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Paris, France

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Zoé Avot, born in 1998 and raised in Ivry sur Seine, is currently a fourth year student at ENSAPC.

In 2019, she will become a lecturer in painting and sculpture at Essec Business School.

And she discovers a particular taste for sharing and transmission.

In 2020, her civic service training allows her to extend this workshop practice by working with children.

In 2021, she becomes the referent of the project Couleurs sur la Zone 4 in Garges and plans to realize murals in co-creation with groups of young Gargeoises in their neighborhood.

This project will surely mark a turning point in her painting.

Her artistic practice unfolds through the techniques of painting on canvas and figurative sculpture.

Zoé draws her inspiration from others, from her family circle, friends and sometimes from further afield.

Her work is the meeting point between a real universe, embodied by the portrait, and another completely fantasized one, embodied by the decor and the sketched characters.

The recurring subject is the human in society.

These paintings offer bouquets of faces mixing joy, laughter, complicity and vice at the same time.

We witness a very personal vision of human relationships, of the polished man, who wears a smile, a face and a body contained, well arranged in the canvas and who by the appearance of possessive hands, of deep looks between them and towards the spectator let themselves be betrayed.

Fictional characters, either the most sketched and the most free, embody all that the "real" characters are careful not to express. They are however very present, because brought to the foreground by the quasi absence of created depth.

The punctual presence of babies, who have a more neutral and direct look towards the world, is also important in the multitude of forms and presences proposed.

Works by Zoé Avot

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