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Zakaria Kajiou

1998 France

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Born in 1998, Zakaria Kajiou is currently a student at the National School of Arts in Paris-Cergy, Zakaria Kajiou, in his practice, mixes painting and textile sculpture. Hejoined ENSAPC in 2017 and obtained the DNA in 2020, he became exhibition curator in January 2021 by concluding a partnership between Bertrand GRIMONT Gallery and ENSAPC.

His travels in Morocco to his origins influenced his work. His first meeting was that of a Berber Jewish burial during a family stay in the Atlas, adorned with Hebrew characters, it was the revelation of a past imprint frozen in time. This was the starting point of an identity frame of reference and the culmination of his creations and his awareness of the Jewishness of his influence. The first wanting to be colorful, figurative and committed, it nevertheless does not lose the depth of its techniques, in view of the paintings sized beyond the human scale while approaching current size standards as if to modernize these characters, transcribe them in our time and revive their memory. Her pictorial research draws on colonial imagery, predominantly female, figures, clothes, adornments, but also physical ambiguities highlighted in order to create questions, arouse curiosity and questioning.

Zakaria has been intimately connected with each production with the materials represented such as jewelry, Berber fabrics, but also the aura that emerges through perfumes in particular. This atmosphere has brought out in his paintings the expression of an ambiance imbued with colonialist influence, the ambiguous faces are depicted as androgynous curiosities of the time. Through this painting, in particular the sad look, the warlike aspect of her virile face, this woman so feminine shows through her pageantry.

To sculpt Zakaria makes the many threads of pure fibers dance between his fingers, of a timeless whitish color, he weaves and reweaves through “spun” swirls, curves, shapes drawn to the emotion of the moment giving life to new and questioning looks.

Works by Zakaria Kajiou

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