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Yulia Yakubovich

Irkutsk, Russian Federation

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  • About the Artist

Yulia Yakubovich, artist, was born in Irkutsk, graduated from the art school and Irkutsk Linguistic University. In 2000, she moved to Moscow, graduated from MARCHI and Stroganov Academy, and founded the creative group "Ideal conversation", which main activity was organizing and conducting creative master classes, art lectures as well as meetings with artists, art historians and curators. In 2017, she created the Studio of Yulia Yakubovich, which she considers an art laboratory. In the Studio, the artist conducts experiments with materials and techniques, develops themed topics about modern art, creates picturesque objects and sculptures, arranges individual and group exhibitions and performances. The main directions of Yulia's work are expressive painting, symbolism, esotericism, and abstraction. In her work, she develops various themes: poetry in art, symbols, mysticism of natural phenomena, human feelings. Yulia's creative activity is aimed at achieving an empiric-mystical state, catharsis, and aims to purify, elevate, and improve herself. Poetry in the work of Yulia is expressed in the plastic lines, color, combination of techniques and the meanings of the symbols depicted. In works, she depicts simple and at the same time poetically-filled symbols such as Moon, wind, rain, stormy sky, Sun and many others... The main task of the artist is to "evoke" poetic thoughts from the viewer, using symbols, colors, lines. The viewer should have a desire to create, leaving the vanity of thoughts and distraction on the details.

Major exhibitions and projects:

* winner of Artweek Russia in different years, Moscow

* Winner of the project "Talent of Russia" 2019, 2020 in various categories, Moscow

* Winner of the III degree of the Russian Art Prize, 2018, Moscow

* Participant of the contemporary art fair in Gostiny Dvor Artrussiafair 2020

* Participant of the exhibition " Earth. What's next?" in the Astrakhan Kremlin, the Armory, 2020

* Participant of Sergey Postnikov's exhibition project "Sliding light" CHA, 2015, Moscow

* Participant of the Autumn marathon exhibition at the Romanov Dvor gallery, 2015, Moscow

Works by Yulia Yakubovich

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