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Yarid Bandilli

1999 Desio, Italy

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Yarid Bandilli was born on April 6, 1999 in Desio (Italy). From an early age he has always been enveloped by a preponderant artistic glimmer coming, by hereditary way, from the most recentpart of his family tree. In fact, with the determination that has accompanied the aspiration of his dreams, he attended from the age of 14 years the renowned Liceo Artistico Modigliani in Giussano (MB) where he absorbed and reworked the technical and humanistic teachings of art in its most varied nuances, having attended the address of Figurative Arts. He's attending Brera Fine Art Academy in Milan, entrusted to the faculty of painting. He shows himself to be a particularly prolific artist. 

"My current artistic production turns its gaze towards the viewer, who becomes its main interpreter according to different nuances. In fact, it becomes the fundamental user that fits into a dimension of research towards the concept of perception, evasion and tangibility of reality."


- Collective Exhibition, Brera District, Milan
- Collective Exhibition, Zenobio Palace, Venice

- Competition Arte e Laguna, Venice, 2018
- Cairo Editore competition with publication in the respective monthly magazine 'Arte', 2019
- Tenth edition of the Ricoh Competition, 2020
- Combat Prize competition, 2020
- Vittorio Viviani Prize, 2021 with respective publication in the 2020 competition catalog.

Works by Yarid Bandilli

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