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Yannick Bernede

1981 France

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Paris, France

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"I want to paint existence, to seek its essence. The choice of nature imposes itself on me, it is without project, if not to survive. The nature that I paint is the one of the city, the one where I live, where I wander
I wander, the one that grows and resists in the interstices. I do not seek to affirm anything, just to show. I paint the inevitable. "

Yannick Bernede, born in 1981, lives and works in Paris. After a childhood in the southwest marked by the omnipresence of nature and the loss of his mother, he studied plastic arts at the Sorbonne University before turning to graphic design.

On the fringe of the artistic milieu, he realized from 2007 to 2013 the programmatic project Les Veilleuses, under the pseudonym Luc R, aiming to explore the notion of memory and the fictionalization of life that it underlies.

In 2012 he abandoned his work as an artistic director for auteur cinema and entered a research master's program at the Sorbonne. He then became interested in Paul Ardenne's concept of disappearance aesthetics and questioned the disappearance as a subject and a means of representation.

From 2014 to 2016, it is through this prism that he will question the aesthetics of the globalized dream and the fabrication of reality generated by social networks.

This work, praised at the Salon de Montrouge in 2016, will subsequently be abandoned in favor of a more intimate, more assumed painting, which questions the materiality of existence.

Since 2014, Yannick Bernede has devoted himself to his approach and to teaching.

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