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Xavier Ferrer Chust

Villa-Real, Spain

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Born in Vila-real in 1958. He soon learns the secrets of the laboratory, as his father is a good connoisseur of it because of his fondness for photography, although he does not begin to make images until 1982,

In this beginning, his works are of social and creative type on black and white support. At this time he participated in competitions and won local and national awards.

But it is from 1988 when already dominating the technique he develops his work with more quality and without leaving aside the competition, he focuses more on the development of homogeneous works to make them known in exhibitions.

In the year 2000, he put photography aside and dismantled the laboratory, so that he could no longer copy his own photos. In 2007, taking advantage of the boom of digital photography, he manages to adapt to the new rhythm of the image in his retouching techniques and in the new possibilities of the cameras, to make a new photography, a new documentary now in color, breaking with the premises that still held him back from the analogical black and white photography that he had done for so many years.

He has the option to travel these last years producing various works in different countries.

Although he has always been distinguished by the photo reportage, both anthropological and social themes, he has also made incursions into creative and conceptual photography.

He has exhibited individually in more than twenty galleries throughout the Spanish geography, and his work is present in many centers and cultural and public groups and more than one hundred national awards endorse the author's career.