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Williams Delabona

1963 Brazil

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Delabona studied architecture and urbanism, conceived different projects using techniques and concepts that were solidly incorporated on the career and in his production method. Other primordial resources come from his performance also as an advertising designer, which allowed the skills development applied in the execution of his works, from the conception period to the final finishing.

Delabona`s work has travelled the world. They are individual exhibitions in galleries and international art salon in cities such as New York, Paris, Vienna, Lisbon, Cannes, Dubai, and Sao Paulo. The artist also has representations in the United States, Europe, and Brazil.

For Delabona, art is a particular way of expressing his beliefs and philosophy. Each conceived work is an opportunity to share sensations. "I use symbolism to try to convey multidimensional, immaterial and archetypal concepts and ideas; often abstract, but not indecipherable. And here is the beauty and grace of this dialogue without words, of this attempt of communicating and connecting through colours and intelligible images. My desire is taunting unexpected abstractions and reflections to those who contemplate my enigmatic creations charged with expressions, meanings, and deep longings. I intend to make the public getting in touch with the hidden secrets in my work."

Works by Williams Delabona

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