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Volodymyr Tsisaryk

Lviv, Ukraine

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Lviv, Ukraine

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Works by Volodymyr Tsisaryk

Younger brother


17.5 x 39.3 x 10cm

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Big brother


25 x 31.5 x 17cm

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37 x 44.5 x 28cm

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Jason and the golden fleece


24 x 58 x 16cm

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Alta alatis patent


47.5 x 48 x 21.5cm

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42 x 75 x 22cm

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Holding the Ocean


70 x 58 x 45cm

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Volodymyr Tsisaryk, 1978, is a Ukrainian sculptor. He studied Monumental and Decorative Sculpture as academic disciplines and earned a Master’s degree with honors.

In his sculptural practices, among other materials, he gives preference to bronze but also interacts confidently with aluminum, wood, and stone. The artist works and travels a lot, and with inspiration, this creative approach determines the balance of his art and the silent eloquence of his sculptures. His numerous art exhibitions took place in various locations across the globe for the past decades: Bucharest, Chéngdū, Dubai, Helsinki, Kyiv, Lviv.

Volodymyr explores people’s nature, capturing the concepts of power, fear, knowledge, longing, dependence, forgiveness, and pleasure. All the artworks are quite different in design, and it is such heterogeneous spatial formats that make it possible to create a gallery of human beings. Sculptural figures are ourselves, our emotions, thoughts, and risks.