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Moda DIOR Venezia 1951


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Vittorio Pavan began his collaboration with Cameraphoto in 1972, at the age of only 14. After a year's apprenticeship at the company, he began his work as a photographer, producing services for newspapers such as "La Stampa," "Il Corriere della Sera," "Il Giorno," "La Gazzetta dello Sport," "La Notte," "Il Gazzettino," "L'Unità," and weekly magazines such as "La Domenica del Corriere," "Gente," and "Oggi."
In addition, within Cameraphoto, he is assigned to follow the processes of the development and printing of black and white. Devoted to experimentation and research at the printing stage, he immediately demonstrated a keen sensitivity, stemming from his passion for the darkroom.

Over the next 10 years, in addition to photojournalism, he performed still life photo shoots and reproductions of works of art that would allow him to participate in several editorial projects.
An important commission from the Doge's Palace in Venice allows him to reach the highest levels in the field of reproduction of works of art, performing a considerable number of shots of monuments and paintings, also following and documenting their restoration phases;
hence the beginning of important collaborations with well-known publishing houses, such as Treccani, Electa, Biblos and Magnus. His are the photographs for the catalog "Masterpieces from Romania," taken at the National Museum of Bucharest for an exhibition held at the Doge's Palace in Venice.
He also photographs paintings by famous contemporary authors, including Dali, De Chirico,
Fontana, Guidi, Guttuso, Matisse, Mirò, Picasso, Saetti, Shele, Tancredi, Kandinsky, Klimt, Vedova, Viani.

Having taken over the agency in 1987 together with other collaborators, he decided in 2000 to continue the activity individually, creating "Bianconero," a laboratory specializing in developing and printing in black and white. He also acquired in its entirety the historical archive of Cameraphoto, consisting of tens of thousands of negatives made from 1947 to the 1980s.
The archive, known as CAMERAPHOTO Epoche, consists of images of great historical-social value, with photographs relating to events including the '66 flood, the Vajont disaster and the '68 protest. He also has a conspicuous number of portraits of great figures from the world of art, culture, and contemporary politics.

Currently, Vittorio Pavan, in addition to reproducing works of art, photographs of ceremonies, and portraits, has specialized in fine art black and white printing, gaining the trust of many important authors of contemporary photography, such as Araki, David Hamilton, Danilo De Marchi, Lisa Ferro, the Cultural Circle "La Gondola" and Fulvio Roiter, executing for the latter a considerable number of prints for books and exhibitions.