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Vincent Richeux

1974 France

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"Baccalaureate. Preparatory classes. Business school. I was a good little soldier. A pure product of French education.
Intern. CDD. PERMANENT CONTRACT. In five years, I went from not being much in the eyes of a big boss, to being an executive in the wine industry. I was, for a while, a docile element in the service of the food industry.
Then, at the age of 27, I decided to fight my own battles. "Art is more important than life" said someone more brilliant than me.
On the morning of February 11, 2002, I gave another color to my life. Here I am, a painter, moving into my 6 square meter garage in the Hérault region of France. Far from my lands of Gironde. "The school of the self-taught is the only one that will never close" a collector told me in the hollow of his ear one evening during a vernissage. I liked this image."


Works by Vincent Richeux

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36 x 46 x 4 cm

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