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Victoire Kammermann

1995 France

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Victoire Kammermann was born on May 20, 1995, she lives and works in Paris.

Young artist graduated from Beaux-Arts de Paris (Pascale Marthine Tayou workshop), Victoire practices painting, composite materials, mosaic and screen printing.

"My research focuses on snippets of childhood memories, most of them buried and forgotten. I rummage through my memories, I retrieve, I analyze: a moment, an old crumpled letter, a word. Then I stage them with painting, installation, volume, drawing or screen printing. What particularly interests me is the speed of the gesture in painting, the radical approach, the emotion released in the instant. I am constantly looking for and questioning the little girl I have never ceased to be by reworking from my childhood drawings. I came closer for the first time in painting to a real object: a helmet. Indisputable symbol of protection and strength, the helmet protects the head but also and above all the thoughts. Thoughts then locked up, contained in this helmet with the visor still lowered, which does not show the face. The notion of mystery and the secrecy of all that is in the object floats. The helmet is at the center of the support, at the heart of my elsewhere, where clouds, birds, angels, flowers, meet, like so many symbols of eternal life, of freedom illustrating absence.The object becomes sacred to contain what must never disappear. The laurel, the ear of wheat evoke the resurrection; the eagle can fly high in the sky without apparent effort, wise, it binds us to the spirit world. This sacralization protects any violation. The color pink has a major importance in my work, it often predominates over others. Emblematic of childhood by its softness and the tenderness it conveys, this mid-tone acts above all on melancholy. Vegetation turned out to be more and more present at this same time in my work. A corner of greenery, sun, a quest for azure." - Victoire Kammermann


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