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Works by Vern Simpson

Dunes 2

152.4 x 121.92cm

4116,57 €

Above the Salish Sea

106.68 x 121.92cm

3088,57 €

Beach at Haro Strait

76.2 x 124.46cm

2707,66 €

Bottomlands 4

91.44 x 91.44cm

2469,02 €

Delta (Woodland Path)

78.74 x 78.74cm

2055,99 €

Haro Straight

101.6 x 76.2cm

1335,47 €

Madrona with Red Field

78.74 x 78.74cm

2055,99 €

Secret Beach at Welcome Bay

76.2 x 124.46cm

2707,66 €

Sunset with Madrona (Arbutus Dawn)

123.19 x 123.19cm

3290,50 €

Autumn Equinox Stream

121.92 x 121.92cm

3290,50 €

Vern Simpson's abstracted expressionist style redefines the landscape genre in a modern, contemporary fashion. Intense in colour, edgy, with strong movement, texture, Vern builds compositions that appear as architectural arrangements of light, color and shadow. A formally educated and trained visual artist, Vern explores a tradition of aesthetic effect, where the intention is to experience what the artist feels through shape, form and texture.

Perhaps best known for his iconic yet controversial "Gassy Jack" sculpture that was located in Vancouver's historic Gastown district, Vern's paintings and sculptures are found in corporate and private collections from coast to coast in his native Canada, as well as throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Vern currently resides and works in White Rock in British Columbia, Canada.