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To Dream, to Collect


Valerie Savchits

1993 Riga, Latvia

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Valerie Savchits is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Riga, Latvia in 1993. Since completing her studies at the University of Salford in 2016, her work has been actively exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally. Savchits is the recipient of Hotel Elephant and Southwark Council Arts & Culture Grant Scheme and was selected as one of the three hundred art students to exhibit her work at 'Future Late' exhibition in Tate Modern in summer 2016. Valerie has been featured in numerous blogs and publications including The Guardian, Manchester Evening News and The Resident. Artist currently resides in Brighton, UK. 

Savchits' oeuvre primarily consists of mixed media paintings as well as readymade installations and sculptures made of a vast array of materials including but not limited to: clay, raw minerals and metal. 

Artist strings her stories, feelings and fragments of memory from then and now just like pearls onto a thread to create her own mythological system. The textures, lines, shapes and even colour palette found in surrounding landscapes influenced her style and manner, both in sculpture and painting. In her sculpture, Savchits often pairs clay with raw crystals and metal to celebrate the juxtaposition of rawness and refinement. The objects, animals and characters depicted in artist’s work are emerging from inspiration derived from astronomy and Greek myths. Savchits has recently reintroduced Slavic mythology into her work, which she was brought up on, that plays an important role in forming her visual language. 

Her personal mythology is predominantly based on the concept of opposites that helps artist tell thought-provoking archetypal narratives such as battle of good and evil, visible and invisible otherness, death and rebirth. However, artist often destabilises these binaries to deconstruct cultural stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.

"The multifaceted Valerie Savchits links her stories with an essential corollary made of emotions and fragments of memory, to reflect on her personal mythology. The textures, lines and the typical colours of the surrounding landscapes have greatly influenced her style and her ways, both in sculpture and in painting. The objects and characters depicted in Savchits’ recent works are generally inspired by astronomy and Greek myths. Also, Savchits recently reintroduced the theme of Slavic mythology in her work as it plays an important role in the formation of her language visual" - Domenico De Chirico.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2019  Sensational Reportage, Stour Space, London, UK

2019  There is no analogue, yet there are copies, Careva Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2015  Drowned at imperfection, Old Pint Pot, Salford, UK


Recent group exhibitions:

021 Regnum Lúminis, Eve Leibe Gallery, Virtual exhibition

2021 An Artists' Dozen, The Artists Contemporary & Procrastinarting, Online auction

2021 Where She Is Now, Dorset Place Gallery, Brighton, UK

2021 Becoming Habits: Chapter 3, Studi0.Art, St Moritz, Switzerland

2021 In Praise Of Darkness, PIERMARQ, Sydney, Australia

Works by Valerie Savchits

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