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65 x 54 x 3cm

950,00 €

Night anchorage


60 x 45 x 3cm

1000,00 €

Last summer sunset


60 x 45 x 3cm

900,00 €

Summer reflections


30 x 30 x 4cm

350,00 €

Valérie Dragacci, born in 1964, is from Cargèse, a small Corsican village. She naturally draws her inspiration from the heart of her Greek origins. Greek blue, ocher, these colors offering this unparalleled Mediterranean luminosity that we surprise ourselves to discover through his painting.

She obtained the 1st International Prize for Painting and Sculpture of Corsica under the patronage of Maurice Rheims in Porto-Vecchio in 1993, she followed the exhibitions, in 2000, she obtained the bronze medal at the international art fair of Haute-Corse in Erbalunga.

She has been painting for over twenty years. These many trips to the East have influenced her and made her deeply want to put bright and shimmering colors on the canvas.

Pastel, watercolor, Indian ink, oil, all techniques are good for expressing her alchemy of colors, drawn from the depths of herself, she also reveals a certain sensitivity that resembles her.

Her colors, her landscapes, her shores, her skies, and finally the clouds that she loves in the manner of Baudelaire, open to us, with infinite delicacy, paths of peace and escape.

As if, beyond the elusive of the current world, this true artist, in a particularly delicate semi-figurative style, invited us to follow her and to find under her aegis a certain taste of Eden in the colors of the Greece and its incomparable divinities with the power of appeasement and the evocation of a whole different universe of beauty.