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Valérie Andriantsiferana

United States

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Toulouse, France

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Valérie Andriantsiferana lives and works in the Toulouse region.

For a while, she was a graphic designer in the press and advertising, and in parallel she explored drawing and painting techniques in different workshops. In 2011, she begins a second life and chooses to devote herself totally to painting.

She has since participated in numerous exhibitions. She has been selected twice at Mac 2000/MacParis. Her work has been shown at Pulsart and in India.

Each painting is a mirror of her life, her conscience and her interrogations. However, they evoke resonances in everyone because the interpretations are open, multiple and even changing. It is a universal reflection on the difficulty of living and human relationships.

It is a whole elaboration in a kind of staging of his characters, both thoughtful and unconscious, to try to synthesize and translate aesthetically the depths and intensity of the human soul. One of the springs of his images is the contrast created by the anguish of his characters in a painting where humor, poetry and absurdity are mixed.

His paintings tell of human emotions in their most chaotic and disordered state: anger, doubt, madness, contradictions, suffering, confinement.

They tell of the temptation to take refuge in an inner world, the beauty of imaginary worlds.

They tell of the violence of silence, the danger of pent-up emotions.

They tell of the need to get out of oneself.

And all these characters, in their quest for freedom and meaning, evolve towards color, that is to say the liberation and celebration of life.

Text by Louis Doucet of Mac Paris

In Valérie Andriantsiferana's paintings it is a question of shifts, contrasts, fears and threats... Not without humor, an often caustic humor... Some paintings show isolated characters, dressed in a strict manner, in the fashion of the 1950's, presented from the front, painted in shades of gray, but whose faces are covered with multicolored masks belonging to extra-European civilizations. Elsewhere, genre scenes seem to take place under the threat of an unidentifiable cataclysm. Metaphor of the dangers which threaten us or incitation to continue to play, at any cost, the human comedy in spite of the fears which threaten us?

Text by Yannick Lefeuvre from Vivre l'Art - Magazine

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