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Valentina Dauksis

1905 - 1984
Russian Federation

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Valentina Dauksis (1905-1984) (until 1934 Valentina Andreeva) - an artist and ballerina. She was born in the family of a Russian accountant and ballerina. Husband Boleslaw Dauxish - artist, son Valentin (Sebastian) - lawyer, LPSR last general prosecutor. Upon her arrival in Riga in 1918, Valentina studied ballet, studied at the Art Academy of Latvia (1924-34), at J. Tilbergs, after two semesters, she left studies at AAL. In the second half of the 20th century, she was a ballerina at the National Opera, in the second half of the 1930s she was an artist at the porcelain and faience factory of Kuznetsov. During the Second World War, she worked as a tram conductor in Riga, In 1949-61. - At the combine "Art". Participated in exhibitions since 1931; personal exhibitions in Riga (1969, 1980). Also worked in an association of independent artists. Member of the Artists Union since 1945. Was popular primarily for female and children's paintings, she also painted cultural persons portraits.