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Works by Tuncer Tunç

White Lane


87 x 39 cm

1140,14 €



83 x 40 cm

1140,14 €

Hands On The Window


68 x 50 cm

1140,14 €

Fork in The Road


81 x 30 cm

1140,14 €

Tuncer Tunç is a fine-art photographer based in Turkey. His works consist of fictional compositions touching the unseen sides of life with an artistic approach, especially appearing with small but strong images in larger venues.Tunç generally prefers natural light and hard weather conditions (rain, mist, storms), thus allowing him to feel more creative and reflect these feelings in the work to the maximum extent. With an influence of fashion photography from his education at Istanbul Fashion Academy in 2019, figurative elements also appear in the works of Tuncer Tunç.