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Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Porto Alegre

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Tulio Pinto is a Brazilian artist, born in 1974 and he currently lives and works in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He graduated in 2009 from UFRGS - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul with a degree in visual arts, specialising in sculpture. 

Pinto is interested in all contingent, changeable, temporary materials - an approach that could seem to contradict the parameters of accepted norms in sculpting, if it was not for the long tradition that came from Russian Constructivism. He does not customarily use traditional tools in his pieces, nor does he sculpt or shape anything. Instead, Pinto obtains the pieces in their natural condition and establishes an unstable interaction with different factors, such as weight, density and dimension. He transforms differences into a sculpting result that is novel, innovative and unexpected. The constant target that the artist reinforces, is the materialisation of the invisible force of gravity - something we feel, but do not see, despite the fact that it overpowers all and everyone in the world.


Selected exhibitions:

Nova Escultura Brasileira at La Caixa Cultura RJ in 2011, Brasil; Ground at Barógallery in 2013, Brasil; The Vancouver Biennale in 2014, Canada; Onloaded atPhoenix Institute of Contemporary Art in 2015, United States; among others. MARGS (Muséum of Art Rio Grande del Sul) 2020.