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Toni Erm

St.Petersburg, Russian Federation

2 Works exhibited

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St.Petersburg , Russia

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  • About the Artist

TONI ERM is a contemporary minimalist based in St. Petersburg, Russia with an engineering background. Almost every work that she creates includes various geometric figures or lines. In general, she uses only a few basic colors - black, white, grey, blue - with slight variations in shades. She believes that there is always some mystery in simplicity, simplicity of forms, symmetry, metal, or threads. Each of her artwork is based on the questions to herself, people, society. Usually, these questions are the ones that keep her on the alert. They are not mono semantic, so everyone is able to find it’s own answer by looking at the artworks. Therefore, the main idea of her project is to create pictures that lead to various individual answers. Nevertheless, the answers should be found deep within firstly, only then the pictures will become some type of throughout provoking exercises.


Works by Toni Erm

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