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Tom Porta

1966 Milan, Italy

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Tom Porta was born in 1966 in Milan, Italy, to middle class parents – his father being an industrial designer. He developed a strong interest in art at a very early age. Drawing was Tom’s favorite childhood pastime, and he soon became an avid fan of comics, spending an unusual amount of time

sketching and pencilling superheroes. His innate artistic talent was by then very clear: wherever he’d go, he would take along a sketch pad and drew incessantly .
In 1988, after graduating as Maestro D’Arte from Istituto Statale d’Arte, he ventured into a wide variety of art forms, and begun a successful career in illustration and photography.

From 1986 to 1994 Tom lived and worked in Germany, France, Japan and the United States, collecting life experiences that later had a fundamental influence on his art works. In 2003, he finally found his fullest expression in oil colors and canvas, and he began painting full time, obsessively.

He achieved immediate success, becoming a preminent figure in the contemporary art scene, and in 2007 he was listed in the 100 top Italian artists. The artist has been featured in prestigious catalogues such as “500 Years of Italian Paintings”, Sotheby’s and Christie’s volumes, and his works have been displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Porta is now based in Milan, where he owns an atelier, and devotes himself to an artistic production that spans from historical works (Inferno 1914-1918 ) to landscapes and conceptual works (Once and For Whole).
The artist’s prolific career is being rewarded by an international success.

Solo exhibitions

  • Milano: Grattacielo Pirelli: Mario Giusti HQ e VS arte, Inferno 2018
  • Milano Malpensa Terminal 1: SEA e Mario Giusti HQ, Icarus 2018
  • Milano/Como: Mario Giusti HQ, Spazio Pedraglio, The Box 2016
  • Milano: Mario Giusti HQ, Ricalcolo Percordo  2016
  • Milano: Famedio del Monumentale, Inferno 1914-1918 2015
  • Bologna: Gallerie Bongiovanni, ODISSEY, ten years after 2003-2013
  • Torino: Ambasciata Kazakistan 2013
  • Torino: Biennale di Venezia 2011, Palazzo delle Esposizioni
  • Milano Marittima: Onde D’arte, 2011
  • Genova: Palazzo Ducale, W.A.R. – We Are Restless, the unheard soldier scream, 2011
  • Milano: Spazio Correnti/HQ headquarter, Extinction Agenda III, 2010
  • Milano: Arteutopia, basilica di s.ambrogio, no man’s land, 2009
  • Milano: Il cerchio, thunder gods, 2008
  • Milano: Arteutopia, la nube purpurea, 2007
  • Lugano: Devittori art room, red sun, 2007
  • Milano: Il torchio arte contemporanea, suisei, 2007
  • Reggio Emilia: studio de bonis, kikosui, 2006
  • Como: Aereoclub idrovolanti, vento divino II, 2006
  • Milano: Fabbrica eos, vento divino, 2006
  • Milano: Musei di porta romana, late-x, 2005
  • Crema: Paparazzi, gomma II, 2004
  • Crema: Paparazzi, gomma, 2003
  • Milano: Binario 0, 1998
  • Milano: Hollywood, 1996
  • Milano: Grillo parlante, 1994


Collettive-group shows

  • Milano, Base Milano, Festival dell'Amore, febbraio 2018
  • Milano, Palazzo Marino, La Polvere di Stelle, con Lorenzo Franzoni 2018
  • Milano, Mario Giusti HQ, Icons, con Artioli,Camela,De Molfetta, La Fauci, 2017
  • Milano, Mario Giusti HQ, Chokora di Valentina Tamborra, 2017
  • Milano, Mario Giusti HQ, Animal Farmy, con Luca Artioli e Gabriela Bodin, 2017
  • Milano: Spazio Fondamenta, La grande Magia, ottobre 2013
  • Milano: Mario Giusti Picks II - INCOMPLETO, Spazio Hq-Headquarter, 2012
  • Arona, Villa ponti: marylin l’arte della bellezza, 2010
  • Bari: Alimentart, 2010
  • Milano: Arteutopia, tempi moderni
  • Bollate: Fabbrica fondazione Borroni, la nuova figurazione italiana, 2007
  • Roma-milano: treno dell’arte, nuove generazioni, 2007
  • Perugia: Palazzo delle penne, anatomia dell’irrequietezza, 2007
  • Genova: GAM - galleria d’arte moderna, linee all’orizzonte, 2007
  • Gattinara: World Wide Games, arte ed altro, 2006
  • Milano: 15 volte un volto,spazioinmostra, 2006
  • Como: Allarmi!, caserma De Cristoforis, 2006
  • Chicago: Echo gallery, 2006
  • Detroit: The dirty show, 2006
  • Detroit: The dirty show, 2005
  • Koln: Art Bizarre 1999

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