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Tim Marsh

1984 Paris, France

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Tim Marsh was born in Paris in 1984. He became passionate about extreme sports at the age of 5 and joined the rollerblading community in 1996 at the age of 12. It was to have an influence on his later work ...

He then practiced capoeira for 15 years, and also draws much of his inspiration from this period, exploring tribal motifs in the graffiti works he produced during this time.

In 2006, he moved into the fashion industry as a trend setter for clothing brands, while running the fashion pages for Snatch Magazine until 2011. It was during this time that he began to assert a more personal style, initially expressed through his early paintings that evoked a conceptual rendering of childhood memories, mostly represented by kinetic and playful depictions of iconic animals.

As a result, he developed a very personal architectural style, composing his works based on complex and dynamic geometric shapes, patterns and lines that integrate movement into the depths of his two-dimensional works. His creations provoke a theatrical atmosphere in a retro-style color palette that he applies with spray, paint and Poscas. His compositions are characterized by the mixture and variety of techniques, developing work using specific materials and metals such as tape, stencils and brushes in his most recent work.

Tim Marsh is continually trying out new media, constantly experimenting with his creative process and echoing his past experience in extreme sports by painting on surf and skate boards or functional design objects.

Inspired by urban spaces, he has continued to express his iconography in large format on walls and other urban media. In 2009, he passionately participated in Light Painting and worked in these media with brands such as L'Oreal, Smart Cars and Kenzo, and organized shows in France and Malta.

He currently lives and works between Paris and Barcelona, constantly experimenting and developing his techniques.

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