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Nicola Toffolini

1975 Italy

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Nicola Toffolini was born in 1975 in Udine, Italy. He still lives and works there. Nicola Toffolini’s work is characterized by an exact aesthetic and a prolific use of transparent cases. Toffolini uniquely combines synthetic materials such plexiglass and glazed propylene with natural forms. Some of his pieces suggest the use of fluorescent light or halogen lamps. Despite his use of these materials in combination with sensors, timers, loudspeakers, and CD players, natural elements ironically pervade his work. The unexpected presence of these forms surprises the viewer. Whereas living organisms usually enjoy the freedom of life in the wilderness, Toffolini ’s nature remains trapped within boxes. It is transformed into a precious but lifeless commodity.

Works by Nicola Toffolini

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