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Teresa Pajares

1953 Madrid, Spain

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Individual Exhibitions (selection)
year 1997
Teresa Pajares. Identity and Projects,
Espacio Tres, Detursa Gallery, Madrid.
Publication of four postcards, with text by Rafael Jara: "Mansalvas".
Teresa Pajares. Rebuild what rebuilds us,
Caja de Salamanca and Soria, traveling exhibition Halls Castilla-León (Valladolid, Medina del Campo, Ávila and Palencia)
Catalog publication, with text by José Manuel Alvarez Enjuto: “On the brokenness of architectural distances”.
year 1995
Teresa Pajares. Tropes and purposes (surface-space, and vice-versa), scattered senses,
Galerie Simonne l´Hermitte, Rouen (France).
Publication of a French-Spanish libretto, with text by Manuel Fontán del Junco: “Teresa Pajares sacramenting space” (French translation: Marta Carranza)
Separate text Teresa Pajares.
Pascal Sánchez concert, guitar program.
Teresa Pajares. Repeat and do not renounce drawn paths,
Juana Francés Room, Zaragoza.
Triptych, with a text by José Manuel Gayoso: “Alma without objects. Memory without writing ”Separate text Teresa Pajares.
Serigraph Edition, 75 copies.
year 1993
Teresa Pajares. The absent space,
Fernando Silió Gallery, Santander.
Catalog publication (Central Hispano 20 sponsorship), with text by Antón Castro: “Defend a project from painting”.
year 1992
Teresa Pajares,
Diart Gallery, Madrid.
Collective Exhibitions (selection)
year 2008
Tenmangu Temple City International Symposium, Fukuoka (Japan). Poster publication.
"Artes-Tokio", B-Gallery, Tokio (Japan). Postcard publication. Concert.
"Artes-Tokio", Museum of Engraving of Arts, Concello de Riveira, A Coruña. Catalog publication.
years 2006-2007
"Structures of the I and II sign", Exhibition Hall, Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid. Publication of catalogs.
year 2004
"Clónicas", Casa das Artes, Vigo (Pontevedra). Catalog publication.
year 2002
"Provision of sleeplessness and vixilias", Pazo de Cultura de Pontevedra, Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra, University of Vigo (Pontevedra). Catalog publication.
year 2001
“From the visible to the invisible. Tiempos de Papel ”, traveling exhibition on the occasion of the Paper Conference in Sarrià de Ter (Girona). Roaming: Sarrià de Ter (Girona), Exhibition Hall of the Autonomous University of Madrid and Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra (University of Vigo). Curator of the sample and participant. Catalog publication.
year 2000
“Elis Jacobson - Julio León - Teresa Pajares. Lebasi Gallery Opening ”, Lebasi Gallery, Palma de Mallorca.
“A collector's space. Decorator: José Antonio García ”, Casa Decor 2000, Anti-AIDS Foundation Spain, Madrid.
year 1996
"Visites d´Atelier - Halle aux Toiles à Rouen", Center of Contemporary Art of the Villa de Rouen, Rouen (France). Intervention of European artists. Catalog publication.
“Space: Grand Hotel Suite. José Antonio García. 1/5 Scale Study, Casa Decor 96, Spain Anti-AIDS Foundation, Casón Central Hispano, Madrid.
year 1995
"ARCO`95". INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR, Fernando Silió de Santander Gallery, Madrid. Catalog Publication.
”Deux Peintres Espagnols Invités d´Honneur: Teresa Pajares - Manuel Domingo. Semaine Espagnole. Exposition de Peinture ", Théâtre du Jeu de Paume D´Albert, Albert (France).
year 1994
"40 + or -. Twelve artists", Curated by: José Manuel Álvarez Enjuto, Juan Gris Room, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid. Catalog publication.
 "III Galician Artists Biennial", Casa das Artes, Vigo (Pontevedra). Publication of a catalog with text by Carmen Pallares.
year 1993
"Paysages D´Europe". Five European artists. Espace Culturel Place Emile Leturcq, Office Culturel D´Albert, Albert (France). Personal invitation from the city of Albert to the Espace Culturel opening. Catalog publication.
"1º 48´ Longitude Ouest - 43º 20´ North Latitude", Center D 'Art Contemporain de Rouen, Rouen (France) and Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid. Exchange of French / Spanish artists; 12 Spanish: exhibition in the city of Rouen (Center D´Art Contemporain and Conseil Régional de Haute-Normandie), and 12 French exhibition at the Centro Cultural Galileo in Madrid. Curatorship and participation in the exhibition. Publication of double catalog with text by X. Antón Castro (France / Spain).
"II Santander Art Fair", Diart Gallery in Madrid, Santander Festival Palace, Santander. Catalog publication.

Doctor of Fine Arts and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra, Spain.

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