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Tepeu Choc

1983 Guatemala city, Guatemala

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Guatemala city

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Guatemala City, 1983. Lives and works in Guatemala City.

His work belongs to public collections such as Sayago & Pardon Colletion, Irving California; North Dakota Museum Of Art, besides being part of private collections in Guatemala City, Bogota, Colombia, Los Angeles California, Bolivia and Denmark with the curator, collector and gallery owner Nils Steak. You can also find his work on the digital platform Abstraction in Action. In his country, his work has been published in large-scale written media, Prensa Libre, Siglo XXI, the newspaper, Publinews and Diario de Centroamérica, also interviewed in one of the radio media, Radio Faro Cultural. The main interests in the production of Tepeu Choc are the abstraction through space, line and color always in search of the balance. His work is characterized by the combination of these interests between two-dimensional formats of painting and engraving towards the three-dimensional in the language of sculpture, with an emphasis on public sculpture.

AWARDS: 2015 the third place in the prestigious contest and most important auction of Latin America Juannio, with the typographical work "g" Font AMGD(painting). In 2016 she made the personal exhibitions, "sections and fragments, gallery 9.99, Guatemala, with the curator Alma Ruiz Furlan and" cartography of color ", Alianza Francesa, Guatemala, curator Mark Saguert, and also participates in the collective exhibition" Traslape "gallery 9.99, Guatemala
In 2017 he participates in the collective exhibition "Art in the streets" gallery Fundación Rozas Botran ", Guatemala, with the sculptural piece" Radiografía de construcción ". In 2018 he made and installed the first public sculpture of type "e" Font AMGDT, for the Park of Sculpture Zone 14, of Guatemala City. In this year participates in the collective exhibition "Blurring" in the gallery Xtra Guatemala. Currently he continues to work on most of his series and projects.

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