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1981, France

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Taroe discovered the world of graffiti in 1995. Self-taught and passionate, he made his mark on the walls of disused factories, wastelands and train carriages from his native Basque country to New York, Madrid, London, Pondicherry and Paris, where he lived from 2005 to 2015, very active in this still marginal environment.

He became fascinated by design, typography and contemporary art and developed his own minimalist artistic identity, on the borderline between the abstract and the figurative, which he applied to both painting and design. He multiplies performances and collaborations with major brands through various exhibitions and advertising spots.

In 2006, he naturally turned to another medium, the canvas, developing a new pictorial style, most often on large format, inspired by artists such as Richard Estes or Paul Roberts, but also by his many travels, he produces hyper-realistic works on the theme of the "urban jungle". Present at auctions (Artcurial, Piasa, Tajan, Cornette de St Cyr), his paintings are today quoted, visible and accessible in numerous exhibitions, in France and abroad. He is regularly asked to paint large format facades in different cities around the world (Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Tel Aviv, Geneva, and Cologne).

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