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A graduate of the ENSBA in Lyon and holder of an M2 in visual arts at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Sylviane Masson lives and works in Paris. His artistic work has been presented in numerous artistic events, notably at the Salon de Montrouge, at Jeune Création (where she was an active member for 5 years) and at the Center d'art contemporain Chanot, and has been the subject of several exhibitions. personal, in particular at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (obtaining individual support for the project from the City of Paris). In addition, she performs in a collective of artists and researchers, the Laboratoire de la contre-performance.

In a current context marked by the ever greater presence of digital technologies, Sylviane Masson painstakingly reproduces, using traditional drawing tools, and often a tone below, images whose function is customary and whose qualities are at the very highest. more communicational: packshots, wallpapers, application icons, banknotes, postage stamps. This slow work of recovery feeds the fantasy of stopping the flow of images.

His recent work bears witness to a previous practice of photography. Indeed, the references borrowed from the net remain photographic and the framing and cutting operations also cite this medium. Sylviane Masson draws, so to speak, with a photographer's gaze, informed about new technologies and its manipulations (copy-paste, cut-paste, etc.).

Through slight interventions, such as cropping or fragmenting the medium, it alters the image and thus reveals its precarious nature. The flashy image gives way to its residual form. On a minor note, from a low-tech perspective, it thwarts a commercial vision of a world in representation and weakens the images that are intended to perform. By isolating these objects from consumerism, it archives in a way their obsolescence.

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