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Svetli Evgeniev

1996 Lom, Bulgaria

1 Works exhibited

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Sofia, Bulgaria

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Svetli Evgeniev is a multidisciplinary artist, his base material is ceramics.His first professional education in the arts is at the Trojan School NGPI “Prof. "Venko Kolev" speciality-ceramics. From a young age, he found his creative inspiration in the natural world, by studying and touching the organic materials in the earth. The predominant motives in his contemporary work are simplicity, minimalism and the presentation of complex concepts of the existence. Problems that affect our entire human culture, such as the rapid and rough entry of new and modern technologies in the interactive relationship between the human in the world, the lack of connection between the modern individual and his organic environment. According to Evgeniev, all his works are an experiment, one of the experiments is the "Gravitational Method".

His art shows simple, sometimes designer worlds of ink, paper and ceramics. Problems related to life today, ecology, recycling, gay rights are brought to the fore. Some of the ideas oppose the aggressive attitude of modern society towards sex, drug trafficking and prostitution.

His art seeks a balance between visual, aesthetic perception and the concept that underlies his experiments.

Svetli has participated in several international exhibitions and competitions. Where he collaborated with artists from the United States, China, Poland, France and Switzerland.

At the moment, it synthesizes art experiments with ceramics and a new installation on the topic of "Nature Activism", which examines contemporary issues that arose in the period 2020. Topics are related to politics and psychology.

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