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Stéphanie Huguenot

1970 France

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Born in Dunkirk (1970), self-taught painter from Lille, she devotes her time to the plastic arts and to a quest for the painting that would always be better than the previous one.

"If there must be a key word defining my painting, it might be the color that should be retained. My painting talks about the cycles of life, love, death. As in fairy tales, each work offers several levels of reading".

After an abstract period called "openforms, 1990-2000", she devoted myself to figurative, colorful painting, a dreamlike and singular universe. She mainly works with acrylic on canvas, without a preparatory sketch. All the work consists of looking at the color and starting a dialogue, constantly coming back to the act of painting. This is why her painting contains repentances or scabs that she assume. Her paintings are not smooth, they can be very thick and irregular depending on my research.

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