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Stéfane Perraud

1975 France

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Paris, France

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Stéfane Perraud was born in 1975, he lives and works in Paris. He graduated from the Arts Décoratifs de Paris, and obtained a post-graduate degree in interactive research in 2001.

His field of research, linked to the energy of matter and light, regularly leads him to collaborate with writers and scientists. His work opens a dialogue, sometimes fictional, with the imperceptible and the infra-thin. This in the perspective of linking the various activities of the human soul with the intimacy of matter.

His preferred tools and formats are hybridizations that he draws and deconstructs from new media, science and advanced techniques.

He exhibits his work in France and abroad, in places such as the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the De Roussan gallery in Paris, the WE project and the Maison Particulière in Brussels, the Manoa Art Center in Hawaii, the Chambre Blanche in Quebec, the Musée de la Chasse in Paris...

He participates in numerous group exhibitions and contemporary art fairs such as YiA art Fair, Drawing Now, Volta Basel, Art Paris, Choices Paris...

He obtained a residency at the Collège de France as part of the Open Lab in 2011 and a development grant from Pictanovo in 2013 for an art/science project related to nuclear energy. On the same theme, he is preparing an exhibition at the Lieu Unique in Nantes and he has just obtained the European Vertigo grant for the development of a project on the physical properties of light, which will be shown in Malta in 2020.

Since 2003, he has collaborated with several artists in the fields of theater, dance and performance (Eli Commins, Trajal Harell, Ali Moini...) in places such as La Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignons, the MoMa in New York, and in numerous foreign festivals, Impulz Tank in Vienna, Festspiele in Berlin, American Realness in New York, Festival d'Automne in Paris...

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