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Stanislas Paruzel

1992 Pau, France

2 Works exhibited

Current location

Noisy-Le-Sec, France

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  • About the Artist

Stanislas Paruzel’s fictional videos entwine mythological elements and distinctive modes of representation.

By mythological elements we mean given narrative motifs broadly speaking. As to the difference of the modes of representation it sets up in particular between the shooting with real actors and the making of synthetic pictures. For example the artist’s latest video uses the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, but the ravens that bother it come from Hitchcock’s Birds as being so scary and so many wheras the tornado that turrls it up into the sky meets the one from the Wizard of Oz in disorder as the latter twirled it up the heroin and her dog out of her native Kansas.

Besides if the ravens and the scarecrow are synthetic pictures real actors play the parts of the cameraman and his assistant both being caught too in the strom. Let’s underline that in most of this films Stanislas uses a device that could be called meta-narrative jump. It consists in getting out of the fiction 1 to show a fiction 2 around the making of fiction 1.

The three operations that have just been characterized allow the artist to travel throught any kind of stories and cultures in a easy happy witty way and to revisit the popular cinema without box office pressures.

Stanislas turns the woodenness of synthetic pictures into a poetical refined style : from mixing them with cinematographic pictures he manages to get brilliant effects all of it serving a poetry of surprise : the end.

Joseph Mouton (2017)

After passing through the art school in Bayonne, he returned to Villa Arson in 2013 and obtained his DNSEP with the congratulations.
tions in 2017. In 2018, he joined the Artist run space workshop, Iveco Nu in Noisy-Le-Sec. He is a member of the Nuevos Boloss and Outreglot collective.

Among these recently shown works:

- The Fair Price, Pernod Ricard company foundation, Paris
- Poeurnf / SISSI x Arcade Majeure, in Montevidéo, Marseille
- Wow La Galerie !, La Galerie, contemporary art center in Noisy-le-Sec
- The Leftovers The Rainbow, in Iveco Nu, Noisy-le-Sec
- Winning derby under a nest of cockatoos, at the Julio Artist run-space, Paris
- Nazcas Festival, at Brasseries Atlas, Brussels
- Total contest T.V, La station, Nice
- Tremblements du temps, Video Season, online projection

Works by Stanislas Paruzel

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