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Sofia Roka


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I was born in Athens, Greece. Athens is still my base.

Since I remember myself I paint. Painting was my most important thing, my biggest interest and concern. It still is. I am a civil engineer, a kundalini yoga instructor and a painter. The last title is my favourite one. I’ve been told that the way I paint is completely unorthodox for I begin putting colours on the white surface only by following my sense and feeling. Without having any plan or intention. But this has always been the way.

The greatest satisfaction is the moment when the painting begins to reveal – unveil itself, the moment when I start seeing things, structures, symbols and then I reinforce them. Obviously all these live inside me and that is why I begin recognising them so allow me to say that while painting, me and my creation we interact. It’s an interactive relation. As far as colour is concerned I love it and I use it fearlessly.

My dream is that I will forever continue painting, but then again I don’t think there is another way than this. The last 15 years I have created more than 400 artworks on canvas, thankfully many of them are at their owners places.

Works by Sofia Roka

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